Trinity Home Foundation Orphanage -Ghana, West Africa

Catching the Rain


Located in the Tutu Mountains of Accra North, Ghana West Africa sits a small orphanage and rehabilitation center for street kids, orphans and deprived children. In order to get to the site, you have to walk roughly a quarter of a mile to reach the center. No bus will make it up the rough and rocky mud roads and trenches made by heavy rain in the area make it almost impossible for cars as well.

The center is surrounded by a rain forest, but has no running water or a plumbing system. DuBois Consultants president Ajamu Webster, PE, offered to create design drawings for a rain water basin system to capture and treat rain water for consumption and sanitation use.

DuBois Consultants has committed to offer pro-bono design services and support fundraising to help build and install the new system.



Financial Donations can be mailed to:   
5737 Swope Parkway
Kansas City, Missouri 64130


The Trinity Home Foundation is a rehabilitation center for street children, orphans and deprived children in Tutu-Akwapin, Accra-North, Ghana - West Africa and was founded in September 2004 by Miss Sophia Nana Asare and the late Mrs. Merlyn Homer, a Detroit native.

All of the children at Trinity Home Foundation are poverty stricken. The children usually come to the home through the request of family members who place them there because lack of resources to take care of them or abandonment. The home provides them with a place of security and love. It currently accommodates 40 children, 22 that live in the facility and 18 that the foundation cares for outside the facility.

Currently, 32 children are attending public school that range from primary to junior secondary. The remaining 8 children are soon to be placed in day care at the foundation. One of the foundation's goals is to acquire their own building/property and establish a secure and permanent school along with health care facilities. In doing this, the children can be kept under close supervision and in a safe environment.



Supplies and or Financial Donations can be mailed to:   
Africa for the Africans, LLC
505 Independence Drive
Jonesboro, GA 30238

Wish List of the School:                         

 1. Donations / Grants / Endowments and Additional Funding   

 2. Science Experiment Kits (primary level)

 3. Art supplies (all kinds)

 4. Music Teacher (primary – theory and practice)

 5.  Music Instruments (All kinds)  

 6.  School Bus (new or newer)

 7.  Playground furniture

 8.  Laptop computers

 9.  Laptop projector

10. Basketball court and balls

11. Sports uniforms (w/school and child's names)

12. Notebooks (composition)

13. Pens (black/blue/red)

14. Chalk

15. Dry erase markers and erasers

16. Toys for boys (k – 6)

17. Book bags

18. Black dolls

19. Children clothing and uniforms