Good Bye 2017! Hello 2018!

Our 2017 Highlights: What a year we had, Looking forward to 2018!

If your like us, 2017 was a very exciting year and we are looking forward to 2018 being even better. This year our firm has gained some great recognition for our design services and efforts in the community. We have been making steps to expand our reach regionally while working to expand our market share locally.  Here is a list of our 2017 Highlights, many captured in photos above:

  1. Ingram' Magazine Kansas City 2017 Corporate Report 100: Kansas City's Fastest Growing Companies No. 63 (our first time on the list!)
  2. MORE2 Annual Transformation Banquet: 2017 Equity Couple of the Year Award recognizing our president and his wife, Ajamu + Kinda Webster
  3. Community of Inclusion Award: Recognition for the Smart Sewer Projects and our work and impact of the Overflow Control Program (OCP)/Smart Sewer University that has helped triple the number of sub-consultants being awarded prime contracts
  4. 25 Under 25 Award with the Thinking Bigger Business Media recognizing Kansas City's best small businesses
  5. DREAM BIG Outreach Event hosted by ASCE and NSBE movie screening and activities; Over area 700 students were in attendance for the event
  6. City of Kansas City Smart Infrastructure Update: event sponsor
  7. DeLaSalle  Charter High School Career Fair: we brought our friends from the  UMKC Chapter of National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
  8. National Institute of Construction Excellence (NICE) Annual Luncheon: this years focus was on the new single terminal airport. Our firm was an event sponsor
  9. IBUILD Event with NICE: our firm is usually the only minority engineering firm to display and provide activities for the over 1700 middle and high school students who attend the event every year. We were proud to represent minority and women in STEM fields.  Last year we conducted the Balloon Challenge with students and they had a blast!
  10. Kansas City ASCE Diversity and Inclusion Committee supports "Conversations with Civil Engineers" during the 43rd Annual NSBE Convention in Kansas City
  11. New Electro Scan Technology to assess Sewer Mains in Environmentally Sensitive Areas for the Smart Sewer/Overflow Control Program projects
  12. Kansas City Business Journal List of Top Minority Business of 2017
  13. OMAHA: Joined the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and created a strategic partnership/joint venture with local minority engineering firm LT Butler
  14. DuBois Health + Wellness Committee was formed and has taken off inside the company. Expect great things for our staff and company in 2018 starting with our new innovation lab to support staff research and professional development, as well as, our pro bono work for non-profit organizations locally and in West Africa

SOCIAL IMPACT: Its About More than Giving Back!

The Ever Growing Water Crisis and How We Are Making An Impact On It

In preparation for 2018 our firm is looking to increase our social impact to local and international communities in West Africa by ingraining pro-bono engineering in the way we do business.  Our firm has created a new program and we are currently building an innovation lab in our office to research new products and designs to address the issues around the ever growing water crisis. 

Trinity Home Foundation Orphanage-Ghana, West Africa

Located in the Tutu Mountains of Accra North, Ghana West Africa sits a small orphanage and rehabilitation center for street kids, orphans and deprived children. In order to get to the site, you have to walk roughly a quarter of a mile to reach the center. No bus will make it up the rough and rocky mud roads and trenches made by heavy rain in the area make it almost impossible for cars as well. The center is surrounded by a rain forest, but has no running water or a plumbing system. DuBois Consultants president Ajamu Webster, PE, offered to create design drawings for a rain water basin system to capture and treat rain water for consumption and sanitation use. DuBois Consultants has committed to offer pro-bono design services and support fundraising to help build and install the new system.

Ayensudo Akoma International Academy -Ghana, West Africa

Ayensudo Akoma International Academy of the Arts and Science is a kindergarten through 8th grade school for the children of Ayensudo, Ghana, a small farming village in the Central Region.  Malkia Brantuo started construction on the school in 2002. The academy is working to raise funds for repairs and upgrades that were needed around the school.  One project the children needed the most was a new outhouse (outdoor restroom). When there was no water for the inside bathroom, children would have to use the outside bathroom. The outhouse could only accommodate one child at a time, offered no privacy, and was less sanitary than the indoor restrooms. Outhouses were utilized the same way we in the United States would use a port-a-potty or outdoor restroom when at the park. The restroom provided convenience for students who were playing outside in the play yard. Water was needed not only for sanitation purposes, but for drinking as well. The school also was need of a new drinking water system, new braces for the water gutters and repairs to the rainwater catch system.  The capture of rain water would provide running water for the inside bathrooms used by the teachers and students on campus. The Academy was short funding to complete the repairs. DuBois Consultants donated the remaining balance of funds needed and reviewed their design plans.


Nia Richardson