Elctro Scan Technology to assess Sewer Mains in Enviromentally-Sensative Areas


While KC Water supports a complex network of over 2,800 miles of sewer main, over 3,000 pipes were identified that cross under environmentally-sensitive areas such as creeks, streams, and rivers.

Typically, pipes running under waterways are frequently surcharged or full of effluent, often requiring dyewatering with bypass pumping to use legacy closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras to try and “see” defects in the pipes representing an expensive, slow, and difficult undertaking, with results often inconclusive.

Due to the majority of these pipes being located in remote-access areas, KC Water selected Electro Scan’s portable ES-620 for Sewer Mains system to automatically locate and measure defects - in gallons per minute. Electro Scan Inspection does not require a pipe to be dewatered, instead mimicking a wet-weather event from inside the pipe to internally assess 360-degrees of a pipe wall. Non-conductive materials prevent electricity from passing through, or along, the wall of a pipe.  Electro Scan’s patented tri-electrode current should never be able to “leak” from inside of a pipe to earth, unless there is an opening in the pipe wall.  A defect in the pipe that leaks water will also leak electrical current.

DuBois Consultants’ condition assessment specialists have been selected to perform Electro Scan field inspections in conjunction with Burns and McDonnell, on behalf of Kansas City Water Services. All results and reports will be available in minutes in the Critical Sewers cloud-based portal for city staff, consulting engineers, and field operators to view.


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Kansas City Water Services is recognized for incorporating new and green solutions to better serve and maintain more than 170,000 customer connections and over 2,800 miles of sewer pipe throughout Kansas City.

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Burns & McDonnell is a full-service engineering, architecture, construction, environmental, and consulting solutions firm, based in Kansas City, Missouri. In 2017, Burns & McDonnell ranked #16 on Fortune's '100 Best Companies to Work For' — their 4th straight year in the top 20.

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Electro Scan Inc. develops proprietary pipe condition assessment instrumentation and cloud applications that automatically locate, measure, and report defects in sewer, water, and natural gas pipelines, typically not found by legacy inspection methods.

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