KEEP OUT THE RAIN KC, Help Reduce Sewage Backups + Overflows in Your community

Keep Out the Rain KC is a voluntary program to help property owners fix improper plumbing connections that contribute to the overflow of diluted sewage into our environment and sewage backups in homes and businesses. For a limited time, KC Water is partnering with private property owners to help keep out the rain and reduce the amount of rainwater entering Kansas City’s sewer system.

The Private I+I Reduction Program is a voluntary building evaluation and disconnection effort with property owners encouraged to participate by allowing plumbing evaluators  contracted with KC Water Services Department (KCMO WSD) to enter properties and identify locations where rainwater and groundwater are entering sanitary sewer service lateral.  Where the disconnection of an I+I source is determined to be cost effective, KCMO WSD will pay for the disconnection and utilize pre-qualified  local licensed plumbers to perform the work.  

Working under the direction of Olsson + Associates, DuBois is performing building plumbing evaluations of private properties connected to City; recommendations and reports for I/I; manage agreements for disconnection; assist in coordination of disconnection with property owner and plumbers; monitor performance of work; public meetings, communication documentation

Over the next six years, the department expects to evaluate 55,000 properties, although not all of those will get fixes. Property owners can find out if their property qualifies, and when contractors will be in their area, by entering their address in online interactive maps:

Eligible property owners can request an inspection by calling 816-513-0200. More information is at